Cal-Adapt: Analytics Engine

Eagle Rock Analytics is the provider and maintainer of data for California’s Fifth Climate Change Assessment. We oversee critical platforms such as Cal-Adapt and the Cal-Adapt: Analytics Engine, the climate data portal and analysis platform for the State of California. The Governor’s Office of Planning and Research (OPR) issued guidance to state agencies, directing them to utilize these rich climate projections, with our organization playing a hands-on role in their rollout, from maintaining a central datalog, developing a robust climate analysis portal for the Fifth Climate Change Assessment. Our organization advises OPR on issues related to climate data, including scientific guidance around scenario selection, data standards, and quality assurance, while also developing tools to facilitate data and scenario selection for state agencies.   

Eagle Rock Analytics works with OPR on: (1) conducting stakeholder engagement on actionable climate metrics; (2) developing the Local Climate Snapshot tool for Cal-Adapt; and (3) providing technical consultations in support of ICARP, the Adaptation ClearingHouse and general statewide use of climate data. Eagle Rock Analytics supported the Fourth Climate Assessment, and co-organized a session at the annual American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting (AGU) with Deputy-Director Nuin-Tara Key. In preparation for the Fifth Climate Assessment, OPR consulted with our team to understand the landscape and validate their understanding of the impacts of climate on various elements of California.

We additionally continue to support California Public Utility Commission (CPUC) rulemaking efforts through providing climate-informed guidance and feedback to the Demand Forecast Unit, and Energy Assessment Division, as well as individual Californian utilities. As part of the Cal-Adapt: Analytics Engine, Eagle Rock Analytics regularly engages with technical and non-technical stakeholders to better understand climate risks to society and the built environment, utilizing a co-production approach to incorporate climate projections into several of their internal modeling processes. 
This project requires guiding staff members through the methodological choices designed for the analysis of geospatial data via iterative consultations. Our engagement with state agencies and utilities is facilitated by our production of clear-to-understand interactive Jupyter notebooks that demonstrate analysis steps and modifications that could be made by staff such that resulting indices better reflect the task, ensuring that statistical and scientific best practices are incorporated into the suggested workflows.

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Figure 1: Showcasing Analytics Engine project
Figure 2: Showcasing Analytics Engine project
Figure 3: Showcasing Analytics Engine project