Changing Estuaries

Eagle Rock Analytics analyzed 20 years of biochemical, atmospheric and physical data to assess the degree to which Delaware’s estuaries have been impacted by climate change.  This work was supported by Delaware’s National Estuarine Research Reserve.

Weather Data for Energy

Eagle Rock Analytics was selected to produce a curated high-resolution record of temperature and other weather variables to support California’s Energy Sector.  A trend analysis revealed asymmetric warming in California, with major implications for the cost of electricity to ratepayers. This work was supported by the California Energy Commission through the EPIC Research Program.

Harmful Algal Blooms

Harmful algal blooms critically impact coastal regions and freshwater across the United States. We have developed statistical models that explain how changes in water temperature are leading to conditions favorable for algal growth. This work is in collaboration with Dr. Chris Gobler of Stony Brook University.

Wildfire and Climate

Eagle Rock Analytics is a member of Pyregence: California’s efforts to better understand the relationship between extreme weather and wildfire occurrence.  Eagle Rock’s work includes generation of a siting algorithm to optimize the locations of weather stations, and support of efforts to characterize key regional weather patterns that contribute to fire events.  This work is led […]